Why Virtual Offices Work

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The flexibility, convenience and cost-effectiveness of working from home make this option seems very appealing. However – issues about motivation, isolation and distractions can render this way of working far from ideal for a serious business. Plus, of course, it allows your home details to become very public – especially if you are a limited company. But is renting premises a step too far at the moment?

What if you could enjoy the best of both worlds?

An option exists which gives you the privacy and credibility of dedicated business premises whilst retaining the efficiency and flexibility of working from home. Best of all, it’s extremely cost-effective too. The answer? A Virtual Office.

7 Big Business Benefits of A Virtual Office

1. Image. It’s fair to say that working from home is more accepted in recent times. Whilst it may not impact upon your perceived professionalism, it does suggest limited capacity and potential growth.

2. Hot Desking. Being able to work from a central location when you need to offers ultimate flexibility. In most business centres, this involves co-working with other people from various types of business. This can be interesting… and also distracting. At Eastway Enterprise Centre, hot desking involves working in a dedicated office, with all the privacy and concentration you can need to drive your business forward.

3. Professional Meeting Space. Where do you currently meet clients or networking contacts? Cafes? Bars? Hotels? All have a factor in common: you don’t know who else will be there on the day – or how much noise they may generate! Virtual office clients have use of professional meetings rooms, taking the risk out of client meetings.

4. Location. Choose your Virtual Office carefully and your new business address offers credibility; Hitchin town centre offers a central business hub with historic character and a reputation for a strong business community.

5. No Missed Calls. 70% of callers fail to leave voicemail messages, yet a third of businesses don’t pick up calls. (See our recent article “The Real Cost of Missed Calls”.) You’ll have a dedicated business telephone number, which will be answered by a professional receptionist in your company name. Perfect!

6. Time-Saving. The average UK commuting time is 54 minutes, (Acas). A virtual office means that you choose when you commute to meetings and/or hot desking, and when you save that daily commute time. The best benefit? You can choose how you use that extra time… for work… or for you?

7. Control. A Virtual Office allows you to stay in control of your business costs and direction, covering essential tasks and the need for credibility as cost-effectively and flexibly as possible.

“We have the full range of services needed to offer business owners and remote workers a great opportunity to develop their businesses and work in the way that suits them best,” says Peter Vegh, Centre Manager of Eastway Enterprise Centre. “Offering efficient business services whilst presenting a professional image has definitely helped our clients to concentrate on developing their businesses.” To find out more, contact Peter for a no-obligation chat.

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