Creating Flexibility With Virtual Offices

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Flexibility is one of the greatest potential benefits of self-employment. The ability to set working hours and pursue interests beyond work at the times that suit are among the most common reasons people make a career change.

The results are often clear to see, with research showing those who have become their own boss are happier (and earn slightly more) than those in traditional employment.

However, a new study by AIG Life suggests the self-employed may not necessarily be healthier, as many feel unable to take time for medical appointments.

Around 60% of respondents said they simply do not have time to look after their health, while 71% do not believe the health service caters for people who need to attend appointments outside normal working hours. This is becoming more and more important in these difficult times we find ourselves in.

One of the most significant features of the rise of the virtual office is the ability to outsource potentially time-consuming activities. From printing and photocopying services to mail handling, professional support allows sole traders and the self-employed to focus on the tasks that matter most.

And when it comes to meeting room hire or booking a hot desk, keeping it simple creates more time to focus on the things that matter.

Making Time

Debbie Bolton, chief underwriter at AIG Life, noted many self-employed people do not feel they have the flexibility they need to make arrangements at times that truly suit them.

“Many self-employed people will keep working when they are ill because they can’t afford to lose out on jobs,” she said. “It’s really important that the self-employed and business owners make time to look after their health – their businesses, families and their livelihoods rely on them being well enough to work.”

Understanding the value of time is one of the keys to taking advantage of the flexibility self-employment can offer. Prioritising tasks and identifying which should be outsourced to a virtual office provider helps with the management of both budget and time.

For information on Eastway Enterprise Centre’s virtual office service and the ways in which we help sole traders and the self-employed maximise their time, please get in touch with the team.

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