We’re Still Here To Help

Published by Mark Robinson on

Life has changed dramatically for the Eastway Enterprise Centre community, and indeed the world, over the course of just a few weeks.

No one has escaped the effects of the current situation and although these effects are worse for some than others, every business has had to respond and adapt in its own way.

Our primary focus has always been supporting our customers and our team, and there are a number of ways we’ve been able to continue doing that during the pandemic.

So while all of our members face uncertainty over the weeks and months ahead, we’re still here to help and we’ve been reaching out to each and every one to offer our support.

More than a building

The centre is more than a building, and even though our team is working from home our virtual services carry on.

From call handling to mail forwarding, they continue to provide services that help keep businesses running smoothly and efficiently.

Many people are working from home for the first time. Some have the added complication of children at home during the working day. These virtual services are helping alleviate some of the pressure, ensuring nothing gets missed in the midst of all the new distractions and responsibilities.

And our doors are still open for those who need a private office to carry out their work, as all our residential clients continue to have 24-hour access.


When we do get to the other side, when we begin to establish the ‘new normal’, we’ll be here to provide the flexibility our members need.

One of the major benefits of a serviced office has always been the ability to scale up or down according to the demands of your business, and that will be more important than ever as we enter an uncertain future.

So for now, please get in touch if you need us. But most importantly – stay safe, and we’ll see you soon.

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