The 7 Biggest Benefits Of A Virtual Office

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Not only are Virtual Offices more popular than ever – thanks in large part to the rapid growth of startups in the UK – but in 2020 the ability to work and manage your business from home has become essential.

More than 660,000 companies were formed last year and many of the people behind these new companies will work from home while they get them off the ground.

The potential flexibility and convenience of homeworking make it an appealing option, particularly when renting premises is not yet a financial possibility. However, some people struggle with the inevitable distractions and feelings of isolation and making a home address public is not ideal.


They are cost-effective, providing the efficiency and flexibility of working from home while achieving the privacy and credibility of dedicated premises. If you’re wondering whether a virtual office is right for you, or what to expect, here are the most important things you should know.


Image. Working from home is more common than ever before, but it can imply the capacity and growth potential of your business are limited. A business address gives your company a more professional identity, and with it comes greater credibility

Hot Desking. Working alongside people from various other businesses can be an interesting experience, but it brings distractions. Eastway Enterprise Centre offers the flexibility of hot-desking, but in a dedicated office with the privacy you need to concentrate on driving your company forward.

Professional Meeting Space. Where do you currently meet clients or networking contacts? Coffee shops, bars and hotels have become popular options, but you don’t know who else will be there, or how noisy the environment will be. Virtual offices eliminate the risk as clients have access to professional meeting rooms.

Location. Your new business address can send a strong message. Hitchin town centre’s central business hub has historic character and a reputation for a thriving business community.

 No More Missed Calls. Failing to answer the phone is like opening a shop with no one at the till. According to figures, 70% of callers will not leave voicemail messages. A virtual office eliminates the risk that your potential customer will move on to the next number on their list, as a professional receptionist will answer your dedicated number with your company name.

 Saving Time. Commuting time is rising, with TUC figures showing the average across the UK is almost an hour each day. A virtual office allows you to choose if and when you commute for hot desking or for meetings.

Control. Ultimately, a virtual office gives you the freedom and the power to stay in control. You’ll gain credibility and essential services for your business, but in a flexible, effective way that allows you to maintain control of your costs and direction.

Peter Vegh, Centre Manager of Eastway Enterprise Centre, believes virtual offices are an ideal solution for remote workers and company owners who want to grow their businesses at a pace and in a way that suits them.

“Offering efficient business services whilst presenting a professional image has definitely helped our clients to concentrate on developing their businesses,” he says.

To find out more about how a virtual office could work for your business, call us on 01462 429700 for a no-obligation chat.

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