5 Work From Home Tips

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While offices around the world have started to reopen with COVID-secure measures in place, Stanford’s Prof Nicholas Bloom says we’re likely to carry on working from home in some capacity until 2022.

This means we need healthy habits in place to ensure we’re focused and productive during working hours so we can switch off at the end of the day.

 Set a routine and stick to it

It can be stressful walking the line between work and personal time, so schedules are a must. Get up and have breakfast at the same time each day, and stick to an alternative “commute” time, in which you exercise, read or listen to music, before starting work.

 Make a dedicated workspace

If you haven’t got round to it yet, now’s the time to find a quiet space away from other people and distractions. Consider a serviced office space, which have become increasingly popular as well as affordable since the beginning of the pandemic.

 Take a break

It can feel like we need to be “on” all the time – and available to colleagues now they can’t see us in person. But as the NHS says, this attitude is no good if it’s affecting your mental health. So take regular screen breaks and a lunch break to manage your stress levels.

 Stay connected

Although working from home does have benefits, “you may also feel more isolated,” says the NHS. Human interaction is important for our mental well-being, and business centres like Eastway Enterprise Centre allow you to enjoy the mental benefits of socialising in a work environment. It can be for a few hours, a couple of days, or a week. Whichever you choose, it might be just what you need to get you through the workweek.

 Think long term

We might be working from home for some time to come, so it’s worth exploring different software and ways of working to boost collaboration with others – as well as thinking about your home working set-up.

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