Improve Your Health by Ditching the Commute

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The commute between Hitchin and Central London is on one of the busiest parts of Britain’s rail network. According to the Office of Rail and Road, there were over 3 million journeys to and from Hitchin station in 2016-17.

There are now 24 million regular commuters in the UK, with the average commute lasting a total of 56 minutes. Anyone who has been on a morning train into the nation’s capital will understand that the journey is not the most pleasant, but few people realise how bad it actually is for your health.

A report by the Royal Society for Public Health (RSPH) stated: “The health status, level of happiness and satisfaction were lower for people who had longer commutes. These people were also more likely to go to their GP.”


One of the keys to a more balanced and healthy lifestyle is to commute less. The average commute is now over nine miles. By basing yourself virtually, or at an office closer to home, you can be more productive.

Eastway Enterprise Centre provides both real and virtual office services from the heart of Hitchin Town Centre.


All of Eastway Enterprise Centre’s virtual office services are provided out of our two central Hitchin locations. We can provide call-handling, full mailbox function, Ecall-100, one extra UK dedicated incoming line, scan-to-email service, four hours of hot desking and two hours access to the meeting rooms a month – along with other services such as printing on demand.


When it’s time to find some real-world office space, the transition is easy, because we provide all of our virtual services from our central Hitchin location. Many of the services that you can use through our virtual office service are the same as those services available at our Hitchin office spaces. This means there is continuity, and your business can do what it needs to do without worrying about things getting missed.

But you don’t need to be an Eastway Virtual Office customer to use our office space. To find out more about how we can help you beat the commute, and have a healthier work/life balance with our virtual office services, or Hitchin office spaces, contact Peter for a no-obligation chat.

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