Larks & Owls: Serviced Offices Can Solve The UK’s Productivity Challenge

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Understanding how and when you work best is one of the great secrets to success. Creativity and innovation can be a company’s most valuable assets in the modern world, but they are stifled by working in the wrong environment, or at times that don’t suit your style.

Research by Extentia Group has identified one of the UK’s major productivity challenges: People are working at the wrong time.

More than half of those surveyed said they are ‘larks’ who are most productive in the morning, while 12% are ‘night owls’ who perform best later on. Yet only a quarter of larks go to work early, and 45% of all respondents stay late.

Some blame a lack of flexibility in traditional working hours, but in many cases the environment is simply not conducive to good work outside of established office hours. More than 60% of people said their own working environment does not cater to those who want to arrive early, and two-thirds said it’s not suitable for anyone who chooses to work late.

For sole traders and start-ups, stifling productivity by sticking rigidly to traditional hours can be costly. Many choose to work from home and set their own hours, capitalising on the times of the day at which they are most effective.

But working from home is not for everyone, particularly as a business begins to grow, and it brings its own distractions. Those who do not have room for a dedicated office in their home can feel cramped, and distractions such as household chores are ever-present.

In fact, a survey by Clutch found 83% of people prefer to spend at least some time in an office, rather than working remotely every day.

Serviced offices could be the key to striking the right balance. They provide the facilities and the space sole traders and small businesses need, but with the flexibility to scale up and down as required.

And at Eastway Enterprise Centre, 24-hour access means anyone can work in a comfortable, productive environment at the times that suit them, whether they are a morning lark or a night owl.

For more information on how a serviced office can help you embrace the working pattern and style that suits you and your business best, click here to get in touch with the team.

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