Flexible Working Can Improve Mental Health

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For sole traders and small businesses, the benefits of flexible working have always been clear. The ability to scale up or down, the convenience of a 24-hour serviced office, and a professional environment to network and grow all make flexible spaces a valuable part of modern working life.

Now, research shows flexible working also has a significant effect on mental health, particularly for the under-45s.

Wildgoose’s survey of UK workers found 40% of those who have flexible working believe it has helped reduce stress and allowed them to better manage their mental health.

Sickness, staff turnover and lost productivity as a result of poor mental health are estimated to cost businesses £42 billion, or an average of around £1,300 per person, each year.

Of course, there are many factors that contribute to the overall health and wellbeing of employees and flexible working is just one way to support your team. But with 43% of people who do not have that option telling Wildgoose they believe it would help with better management of mental health, it could be the ideal place to start.

Create an environment for success

Co-working spaces like Eastway Enterprise Centre are becoming increasingly popular and for small businesses that wish to attract the best talent, they create the opportunity to provide the best environment to succeed.

“Many companies are shrewdly reducing their costs for desk space by employing a rotational system for desks,” Wildgoose said in its report. “This increases the potential number of employees, meaning the business can expand while keeping office running costs lower.”

Almost 70% of those with flexible working say it helps them find a better work-life balance. Of those without flexible working arrangements, 69% believe it would help them be more productive, which is unsurprising given different people are proven to work best at different times of the day.

A serviced office, with 24-hour access that allows companies to operate as flexibly as they need, could be the answer for growing businesses keen to explore new ways of working. For more information on how Eastway can help, click here to get in touch with our team.

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